Sinuous valleys, clear streams, forests full of life all year round, beautiful scenery of mountains, but also endless grassland. This is just a piece of what Horehronie offers.

Modern ski resorts, wellness centers, spas, Čiernohronská railway, castles, unique folklore and unforgettable dining experiences at Koliba and sheep farms. Although nature in winter sleep, ski slopes live your life and white trails offer a unique scenery.


Horehronie offers 164 marked hiking trails with a length of 1227 km.

For families but also for passionate researchers are designed the original nature trails in the forest open-air museum in Vydrovo, Bear track (Krpáčovo), Samo Chalupka path (Horná Lehota – Krpáčovo), or nature trail to Muran castle and fun climbing park Tarzánia Tale and adventurous journey on Hucul horseback.

Comfortably cool during hot summer days offer a unique caves – Bystrianska cave with the possibility of speleotherapy, Cave of Dead Bats – adventurous expeditions and the nearby Dobšinská cave, Or Aragonite Cave – the only one of its kind in Europe.


Horehronie region – within a radius of 15 km is located 70 km snowed ski slopes in the modern ski resort Jasna – Low Tatras, Ski Tále, Mýto Ski & Bike, ski center Čierny Balog.


Get to know the most beautiful places of Horehronie region on bicycle or electric bicycle! There are 76 marked bike routes with a length of 865 km in Horehronie region.


Bystrianska Cave, the most important cave in the Horehronie region, is known for its remarkable development of underground spaces, the occurrence of sinter filling with favorable climatic conditions for speleotherapeutic treatment. The tour lasts 45 minutes at a temperature of 5.7 to 6.7 ° C.

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The Dead Bats Cave is the only accessible alpine cave in Slovakia, located in the central part of the Low Tatras ridge, on the southern side of the Ďumbier massif. The entrance lies at an altitude of 1,520 m above sea level. Among the unique attractions of the cave is the occurrence of volcanic rocks of the Cretaceous age folded into the limestone formation. Another noteworthy feature is the findings of bat cubes found almost everywhere. Their age is estimated at 6,000 years. In the peripheral parts of the cave there are skeletal remains of martens, bears and even goats. The cave has an average temperature of +3.5 ° C. Equipped in speleological clothing and with a helmet with mining lighting, you have a unique opportunity to see the mysterious underground of the Low Tatras. Admission must be ordered in advance by telephone from the cave administrator, who will also provide information on opening hours and ticket prices.

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Tarzánia Rope Park is located in Tále, near the Stupka Hotel, below the Partizán Hotel. It is built from 23 obstacles at a height of approximately 5 to 7 m above the ground and it also includes a route for the smallest climbers of greedy Tarzanček, so families with children will also enjoy themselves here.

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It is located in the village of Slovenská Ľupča near Banská Bystrica and is about 30 km far from Tále. Ľupča Castle was founded in the middle of the 13th century by the Hungarian King Bel IV. It stands on the hill of one of the last outcrops of the Low Tatras. It served as a guard castle, which supervised the important medieval trade route Via magna, leading at the foot of the castle. At present, the castle is owned by Železiarní Podbrezová a.s. In July and August, the castle is open daily from 10:00 to 15:30. Inputs are at half-hour intervals. In the months of September to June, it is possible to visit the castle only during the working week, based on a telephone agreement at least 1 day in advance.

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The Čiernohronská railway is a narrow-gauge forest railway with a gauge of 760 mm. It runs on the route Čierny Balog – Vydrovo. Before the cancellation of traffic in 1982, it was considerably branched and had a total length of 131.98 km. The railway tracks led through the valleys of Čierny Hron. In 1982, it was declared a national cultural monument. You can take the train to the Forest Open-Air Museum or visit the nearby Dobroč Forest.

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